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Data Privacy, Information Security, Risk & Business Continuity Management

CIMA provides reliable and affordable services to organizations of all sizes, to help them achieve compliance and certification to ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27005, and ISO 22301

Some of the Clients We've Worked With

Professional Services

Your Success is Our Primary Focus

Helping clients build standards-based management systems based on ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27005, and ISO 22301. Ensuring these efforts align with our client's organization's business strategy, is when we say the job is done.

When our client's succeed, we succeed.

Project-based Consulting

In the traditional fashion of management consulting, we provide support for structured project engagements with defined objectives, methodology, deliverables and budget.

Project-based work can be delivered either on-site, remotely or in a combination.

Staff Augmentation

CIMA offers staff augmentation services to help when you need one or more extra hands to help support operational activities. Under these types of engagements, day-to-day direction is provided to our consultant(s) directly from the client.

These types of engagements can be done either on-site or remotely.

Leadership Coaching

We also have some clients that have some expertise on staff, and but need that little extra help without engaging a consultant for a project. Here our consultants work with clients remotely or onsite to help them get through the tough stuff, by providing guidance, recommendation, or even rolling up our sleeves and helping to get something done.

How We Work With Clients

Initial Contact

During an initial contact with a client, effort is initially focused on learning as much as we can about you and your business at a high-level, as well as what your immediate needs are that led you to reaching out and contacting us.

Scoping The Engagement

The scoping discussions can take place as part of an Intial Contact, or as part of a follow up call. 

Scoping consulting work simply means that through conversation and a series of questions, we secure an understanding of what you are looking to accomplish and the business goals associated with it.

Scoping is a critical activity, as it provides us the basis upon which to prepare and provide clients with a meaningful proposal for our services.

Preliminary Proposal

After securing a firm understanding of your needs, we put together a preliminary proposal with a basic structure of the work we are proposing to perform, and our proposed budget to support that effort.

The objective of this effort is to be able to provide basic project information, structure and budget to a client as fast as possible, to ensure all necessary internal approval requirements will be satisfied.


Upon receipt of confirmation of the preliminary proposal is on target and within budget, we prepare a professional management consulting proposal detailing specifications for the engagement.

As part of the details, we specify resources, budget, timelines, deliverables, project risks and assumptions, and more.

Proposals are provided for initial client feedback and are amended to ensure 100% alignment with your needs.


During the engagement, CIMA's project team operates under the supervision and direction of a designated Client Executive who is responsible for all aspects of the project and its overall success.

Work on client engagement varies by project and individual clients. In many cases CIMA project team members operate autonomously to help clients develop key elements of their ISO standards-based data privacy, information security and business continuity programs. In other cases, they perform their work in collaboration with client staff members.

Project Closure

Upon completion of our engagements, we circle back to confirm all work and deliverables met our client's satisfaction. We also solicit feedback on the engagement consultants, related to their performance and acumen.

For major or longer term engagements we implement a project scorecard, and where implemented, this is finalized as well.

Training Services

What and when you need it!

CIMA offers certification training for general public access, as well as private on-site at client offices for internal teams. Additionally, CIMA develops custom managerial and technical training on Data Privacy, Information Security and Business Continuity Management for clients based on their unique needs.

E-Learning Solutions for Employee Training

CIMA has and continues to develop e-learning solutions to help client training employees to meet regulatory and standards-based obligations.

Our e-Learning packages are fully customizable to ensure client's needs are incorporated.