Information Management and Assurance Services

Welcome to the CIMA's company information page. CIMA, which stands for the Center for Information Management and Assurance is a professional services firm located in Hollywood, Florida, USA. We are a small and specialized services company with a focus on information security, data privacy. risk and business continuity management.

CIMA works with clients to help them understand and build standards-based:

  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS);
  • Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS); and
  • Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS).

CIMA was first lauched as a Canadian registered corporation in Toronto, Ontario in 2005 under the brand Information Assurance Solutions with an additional service brand, the entitled the Compliance Trainers, through which they marketed an ISO 27001 employee information security e-learning software package.

white robot with a digital shield with zeros and ones, with "security" enscribed across it.

In 2007, the firm moved its operations to Miami, Florida while serving under a multi-year contract with a financial services firm under duress due to a major security incident. CIMA worked to assist this client build a comprehensive ISO 27001-based information security management system, and helping to re-establishing its trust with federal authorities.

In 2010, the firm was registered as a Florida-based corporation under the current brand, the Center for Information Management and Assurance. In this same year, CIMA also added ISO 27001 and other certification training courses to its service offering after signing a Training Partnership Agreement with a global ISO certification body.

In 2018 CIMA became and continues today as the official training services partner for the Information Security Leadership Forum. Under this arrangement, CIMA became responsible for the development, maintenance and delivery of all certification training courses offered by the Forum, as well as the establishment and maintenance of a global Certified Training Partner Program for the Forum, to enable the offering of the Forum's certification offerings around the globe. As part of our arrangement as the Official Training Partner of the Information Security Leadership Forum, CIMA has the responsibility to develop and maintain new professional practice models and methodologies, official study guides and certification training courseware.

CIMA is proud to be a Canadian veteran owned small business.