Data Protection Leadership Mastery Series™

The Data Protection Leadership Mastery Series is a series of inter-related data privacy and security certification training courses offered through the Information Security Leadership Forum that upon completion of the series are designed to help aspiring, new and existing information security and data privacy leaders acquire the knowledge and develop the skills required to lead the various managerial components of organizational data protection services, no matter the size of the organization.

What Problem Does This Solve?

The Mastery Series has been created to address the needs of both today and tomorrow's data privacy and security leaders. 

Since the mid 1990's the data privacy and information security fields have been on an accelerated growth path that has seen many practitioners and others outside the field assume leadership roles. 

Training like ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and Data Privacy courses, have historically been boot-camp style training that offer great insight into the various components required to include when developing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) or a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), but for those who have not been trained in the various specialty areas within, effectively managing an operational program, takes significant knowledge of the various areas.


The benefits for practitioners that have participating in the Data Protection Leadership Mastery Series Program are:


  • You will receive an education that encompasses all major aspects of data privacy and security management to enable you to succeed in leading an organizational-wide information security / data privacy program.
  • During the training you will not only learn  a structured way of managing various part of your program, but you will be developing skills through the participation of group practical exercises.
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance awarding Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit hours for each course in the series upon completion;
  • You will be awarded a new professional certification at the end of each course, after meeting the certification's criteria and completing your certification application. Each certification you gain along the way allows you to accumulate earned value as an employee and career professional in general.
  • Upon completion of the Mastery Series, you will be awarded the Certified Data Protection Leader™ (CDPL™) professional certification, the first cross functional certification of its kind in the industry.


The Data Protection Leadership Mastery Series is for dedicated professionals seeking to build the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage a data privacy, security or blended program, and set themselves apart from the rest.

What is CIMA's Role ?

As a premier provider of data protection certification training, CIMA has the responsibility to develop, deliver and maintain the courses under the Data Protection Leadership Master Series, in partnership with the Information Security Leadership Forums

For more details on the mastery series, please visit the website of the Information Security Leadership Forum