Internal Audit Consutling Services for Organizations

Internal Audit Consutling Services - Many of our small and medium size client organizations struggle with managing growth to ensure they demonstrate value to their shareholders. When these organizations are formalizing new standards and regulatory based data protection programs with mandates for internal auditing of the program's new controls, many turn to outsourcing the internal audit of these specialized controls.

CIMA offers on demand expertise and resources to facilitate the setup and outsourcing of the internal audit function, perform the initial gap assessment, and 3rd party vendor compliance assessments in a cost effective way.

CIMA's Internal Audit Consutling Services

Gap Assessments

When establishing a new data protection or business continuity program, many standard and regulations requires an organization to conduct a formal gap assessment against the criteria deemed in scope and defined in the standard, as well as, the additional requirements identified during its legal and regulatory review. This is also typical performed when a new CISO or Chief Audit Executive takes over the role, to establish a baseline understanding of the organization's data privacy, security, or business continuity program, and ensure any existing plan address all appropriate risk or deficiencies. Many organizations lack the expertise to understand the expectations of the requirements and seek the services of expert management advisory services organizations like CIMA to assist them to perform this activity.

So let's step back and start with the basics. What exactly is a gap assessment? A gap assessment is a review of the activities you are currently performing in today's operational practices against a predetermined list of practices.


CIMA provides expert resources to perform a thorough analysis of your environment deemed within scope, and compares your practices against a defined capability maturity model.

3rd Party Vendor Assessments

Trust is the foundation of all relationships in our lives, and is similarly important in the business world.


CIMA provides services to help your Risk Management Program through our Business Partner / Vendor Auditor services.


Based on your defined audit criteria, we will dispatch a single or a team of our auditors to assess those organizations with whom you have trusted your sensitive business and customer information to.


By having CIMA perform this function on your organization's behalf, you can contain operational costs while satisfying a critical due diligence obligation, as well as, legal or regulatory mandatory requirements. 

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Outsourced internal Audit

Development and implementation of a new data protection or business continuity management program can be a daunting task, but it doesn't mean you have to go it alone.


CIMA offers support services to either help your existing Internal Audit Department staff prepare and fulfill the standard or regulatory-based audit program requirements, or provide outsourced Internal Audit services to allow you time to make the adjustment with all the other changes going on around you, and limitinitial cost of compliance.

We help clients, develop or modify the organization's Audit Program Charter document, 3-year high level audit plan, annual detailed audit plans for the three year program, audit test procedures for the new controls, audit competency requirements and monitoring tools, supporting you through the certification audit, and more.