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Centralize the Management of Your ISO 27001 Information  Security Management System (ISMS) With Software Trusted By Public & Private Sector Organizations Around The Globe

CIMA is the premier North American and Carribean authorized reseller of 27K1 ISMS, an ISO 27001 ISMS software package.

Strategic Information Security Leaders have been modeling their organizational information security program based on the ISO 27001 framework, given its international adoption by 165 countries around the globe for the past two decades. Many of those same leaders are now migrating the management of their ISMS from decentralized spreadsheets or complex GRC solutions, to centralized ISMS purpose-based software. for a team-based approach with centralized data aggregation.

Throw away complicated and redundant spreadsheets, and manage all your ISMS data in one system.

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Achieving ISO 27001 compliance isn't just for the big guys anymore. 27k1 ISMS software levels the playing field, by integrating your compliance needs into one easy to use software package.

With 27k1 ISMS software, supported by our expert consultants, our professionally written policy templates, and our SecureTeam™ e-learning solution for employee security training, we help companies achieve compliance in record speed.

Product Features

27k1 ISMS is a feature rich product that allows organizations to centrally manage your team's efforts in one data repository inside your infrastructure, or hosted on our AWS ISO 27001 certified platform.

Following the Deming's Circle, more commonly known as the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" cyclical model, the 27k1 ISMS software ensures compliance with critical requirements of the standard.

Setup Manager

A system module to guide you through the entry of your organizational information for the ISMS records.

Document Manager

Store all your ISMS documents and audit records in your data repositories locally, or Cloud-based such as Office 365, SharePoint, Egnyte, DropBox...

Control Manager

Document and manage your ISMS' Statement of Applicability inside your 27k1 ISMS software for easy access by your team.

Project Manager

Track and manage team members as they work through risk mitigation efforts 

Asset Manager

An optional utility module to document and maintain a record of assets within scope of the ISMS

Audit Manager

Allow auditors to access and perform audits of your ISMS inside your ISMS software

Risk Manager

Capture risk assessment criteria, automate risk calculation, track risk management decisions, as well as and ongoing monitoring.

Conformance Manager

Document conformance to ISO standard specified controls, 

Application Architecture

Native Windows 10 App

Built as a native 64 bit Window 10 application for easy integration into your Windows-based application suite.

Azure / MS SQL Database

The desktop application stores data on either your local MS SQL or cloud-based Azure database for enhanced data protection.

Local or Cloud-based Document Repository

Documents can me stored in the database or on your existing cloud-based document repositories such as Office 365, SharePoint, Egnyte, or DropBox

Application & Development Security

The 27k1 ISMS is a Microsoft Line of Business application (LOB). The system is installed with Microsoft’s multi-layered security architecture.

Microsoft's LOB application model offers several security advantages over traditional, downloadable applications, such as:

There are no .msi or .exe file types for malware to contaminate or clone.

The app will not install unless a valid security certificate is assigned from the product developer company, 27k1, Inc. This ensures that the application is from a trusted source.

27k1 uses GlobalSign’s Certification Services -  to provide validated certification.

LOB apps reside in an isolated area within the computer, this is called “Sand Boxing”. The app is not allowed to communicate outside this sand boxed area unless a prompt is provided to the user. File exporting and importing is a good example.

When the app is uninstalled, all components of the app are removed leaving no file remnants.

The application is developed in a secure, 2 tier firewall environment.

Detailed development and deployment procedures are used to ensure maximum reliability.

Commercial anti-virus software scans the development files on a real-time basis.

Source code is encrypted and backed-up on a regular basis and stored in out of office locations.

Before publication, EVERY version is tested using the “Microsoft App Certification Tool”:

Open this link and refer to the Windows 10 column and the “Tests for Windows Store app certification” section. These tests are applied to the 27k1 ISMS software.

27k1 Ltd uses the Microsoft Application Center which anonymously records any application crashes, which are monitored and the fixes implemented as required.

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