ISO 27001 Live Online Training Course for Students

Live Online Training

Its like being there, without the travel expenses

The Challenge for Today's Students

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Clients share a variety of challenges related to getting the training their team members need, including:

  • "Sometimes training doesn't come to my city"
  • "Sometimes I can't travel due to other commitments during the week"
  • "Sometimes my company training budget doesn't have money to accommodate traveling."  

Don't let these or other reasons stop you from getting the training you need to succeed in your career, CIMA offers live onsite, live online and blended training services.

The Solution

CIMA offers LIVE Online training for student that are unable to travel to the location where we are hosting an onsite public course. Participate in a blended classroom experience, as if you were in there in the classroom. Ask our instructor questions live, or participate in classroom discussions with other students as discussions on the course material is happening.

NOTE:  Students participating in live online training require a laptop or PC (current Windows / Mac operating system), with high-speed internet access, as well as an echo cancelling microphone and speakers / headset and web cam.

Live Online Training FAQs

Click on the questions below, to reveal our answers to these commonly asked questions

Q1. Is the class live or a recording?

A1. All of our Live online training is truly live, with an instructor teaching the class.

Q2. Can I ask questions during the course?

A2. Absolutely, with your microphone you will be able to ask a question of the course instructor at any time, just like you would if you were there in person.

Q3. Does Live Online cost more or less than student that are participating onsite?

A3. Live online courses are generally less expensive than attending courses in person due to higher real estate fees we incur when delivering on site. Please see pricing available on our site.

Q4. Why can't you charge me less to participate online?

A4. In short we do, but we recognize perception of differnet people varies on what an online cost should be. Please note, due to the cost of professional online conferencing equipment, dedicated high-speed internet in venues, and live training platform maintenance and delivery costs, providing live online training imposes a high cost to deliver the service. As a result, we are limited in how much we are able to vary between onsite and online participation. Current pricing is designed to make our training accessible to our members and the public at large.

Q5. Do I have to have a web cam, and does it have to be turned on the entire time?

A5. Because our customers demand the highest quality of service, we have set standards to ensure your experience is commensurate with your expectations. Additionally, you are part of our classroom and the only way to ensure the classroom is inclusive of everyone, our standards do require everyone online to have, enable and use an echo cancelling microphone, speakers (or headset) and web cam throughout the entire course, without exception.

Q6. What time does training happen for Online students?

A6. Unless otherwise specified, online students are participating in a blended classroom (online students are electronically brought into a live onsite classroom). As a result, the schedule for all students (onsite and online) will be based on the local time zone of the onsite training venue, so please be sure to note the time zone for that course before registering.

Q7. How do online students take the written exam?

A7. The certification body has a partnership arrangement with an online exam proctoring service allowing students to take the exam from your home computer. More details will be provided directly from the certification authority following the course.

Q8. Is there anything I need to do to prepare in advance for online training?

A8. No, as all training is delivered through our internally hosted and managed online training platform, which does not require students to install any software or browser applets. All you need is an Internet browser, a reliable high speed internet connection, a webcam, and echo cancelling microphone. To prepare, just make sure these devices are installed and working correctly with your system, as our instructors do not provide desktop support for student or their company owned peripheral. 

Q9. How and when do I get my student package?

A9. Student packages are sent electronically as an eBook. You will receive information on where to download and how to setup the elctronic version of your course material.

Q10. Could I get my student binder earlier so I can start reading ahead before the class?

A10. While we applaud your enthusiasm, ensuring the highest quality for our students requires us to constantly be reviewing and updating our training material to keep up with changes in regulations, updates to ISO publications, and more. As a result, course materials are only distributed at the end of the week preceding training.

Q11. Can I register the week or day before training?

A11. Registration for all our courses closes on the last business day in the week prior to commencement, at 5:00 PM US Eastern Time Zone. Notwithstanding this, we recommend students ideally register at least one full week prior to the commencement of a course to ensure the timely arrival of your student binder. For students registering inside of seven days prior of a course, there is a risk your student package, which includes a eBook version of the tranditional student binder, may not arriving prior to the commencement of the course. Please note having the eBook with you is not required to participate in the course, as all slides are broadcast on screen during the live online training.

Q12. Will the course be recorded for viewing at a later time?

A12. We generally do not as a matter of course, record any of our courses. Where we do, it is for internal purposes only e.g. instructor monitoring / auditing, creating segments for self-paces training modules, etc.

Q13. Can I record the course or a part of it?

A13. CIMA has a strict policy that no student may record any course or any part thereof, in any format. Anyone doing so is a serious legal matter resulting in violation of US and International copyright laws, as well as a potential violation of state or federal criminal law. In addition to the obvious legal trouble, students recording training sessions challenge other students from feeling free to participate in classroom discussion and ask questions during the course.

Q14. Can friends, family or colleagues sit in on the training while I am taking it?

A14. No, your registration is for one person only, yourself. Allowing others to participate while you are taking your training, would be a violation of the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and CIMA, during your registration.