ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and Auditor Private Training

Let Us Come To Your Office and Deliver Private On-site Training

More and more organizations today are electing to host CIMA's ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor Training as a private on-site training option. This is a cost effective was to train your entire project and operations teams, as well as Steering Committees members and business leaders.

CIMA has been helping companies with private on-site training since 2013, and we can help you.

Instructor speaking at the front of a group of students in a small classroom during a private on-site training course

Business training at office

CIMA's team has provided on-site training corporate offices in:

  • Asia-Pacific Rim
  • Canada
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Europe
  • United States

No matter where on the globe your training needs are, there are very few places we can't go.


  • Enables a private setting to discuss issues unique to your organization that might be confidential in nature, while you are learning the ins and outs of standard you are implementing e.g. ISO 27001, 27701 (GDPR), etc.
  • Many CISOs and DPOs are opting to training everyone at one time, to avoid implementation delays after the project has been kicked-off by on-demand informational needs by various internal groups.
  • Assures an organization a consistent informational intake on the course taken, versus employees hearing different quality and information when taking training for multiple training sources. This aides in ensuring everyone is on the same page. Unfortunately this is a reality due to the varying degrees of quality and skill levels being offered in the open market by training service providers.
  • Significantly reduces the organization's total cost of training and compliance program, by minimizing travel of your employees.


  • Limits exposure to other outside practitioners who are going through the process like you, who have, or are considering approaching various parts of the standard in ways you may not have considered outside your organization's four walls.
  • Sometimes we all need to just get away; on-site training just won't do that for you. Training at an off site venue with new people at a CIMA public offering can be invigorating, especially during a learning experience.  


Private on-site training can save your organization a lot in expenses, and provide an opportunity for your stakeholders to get to know each other (face-to-face) and arrive at a baseline understanding of the standard's expectations and how to achieve it.