Process Development and Re-engineering Services

five interconnected and labeled blue boxes illustrating work flow in process development and re-engineering practices

Process Development and Re-engineering Services

Processes are an organized set of actions designed to achieve a specific outcome. All standards and regulations, either implicitly or explicitly mandate specific processes in order to achieve compliance. CIMA helps clients in a collaborative fashion in the area of process development and re-engineering to meet the spirit and intention of such standards and regulations.

Leveraging a standards-based approach as a foundation, CIMA consultants develop management processes and supporting operational procedures to meet your organization's unique requirements. To accomplish this we start by hosting a facilitated workshop with your key stakeholders, and take an iterative approach to creating your ideal process.

Where you have processes in place that simply require minor modification to add compliance mandated activity, we work with you team(s) to incorporate the new requirements to minimize organizational impact

We also offer outsourced services to help you manage internal processes such as risk management, performance (metrics) management, incident management and more.

Process Development

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