Public ISO 27001 Certification Training Seminars

Reduce Total cost of Training, Train Locally

CIMA recognizes travel to access quality information security and data privacy training can be challenging, especially on a corporate budget. To help our clients solve this problem, we offer public certification training seminars in major metropolitan areas across North America throughout the year. 

Local training can help corporate managers save as much as 50% off traditional training costs, where travel is not required.

Check out our Up Coming Training events to find one close to your! If you can't find one in your city, and know of at least 4 people interested in taking one of our courses in your area, send us a note via our contact form, or give us a call and we'll see if we can bring one to your city.

Speaker on the podium. People at conference hall, rear view at a public certification training seminar

Public Certification Training

Practical Group Exercises to Reinforce Key Training Points

All of our public courses include instructor led training delivery as part of the knowledge transfer, and is complemented by practical exercises performed in groups to afford student an opportunity to practice applying what they have learned to validate the student's understanding of the information. 

Groups exercises allows students to work with others in the class with varying knowledge levels, skills, and backgrounds to help them see the information applied from different perspectives.

CPD / CPU Certificate

Students on our courses receive a Certificate of Completion awarding 35 Continuing Professional Development (CPD / CPU) hours when completing one of our 5-day training courses. Get credit for your time, to help you meet your annual maintenance requirements for your existing certifications.