Strategic Partners

To enhance CIMA's customer experience, and support peer companies around the globe, we have formulated a number of strategic partnership. View Partner details below.

Partner Companies

Tech Onion Partners

A product and services value added reseller company, based in Dallas, TX. CIMA works with Tech Onion Partners to provide specialized technology and management consulting services to support its client's needs.

Omni Strategies

Omni Strategies is a technology integrator and management consulting firm. Omni Strategies is based in Accra, Ghana. CIMA works with Omni Strategies to support its West African based public and private sector clientele in the areas of data privacy, security, risk and business continuity management services.

Find X Solutions

Find X Solutions is a management and technology consultancy based in Kingston, Jamaica.

CIMA works with Find X Solutions to support its Caribbean based public and private sector clients with data privacy, security, risk and business continuity management support.

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