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When customers are looking for a service provider, it can be very hard to decide from one company to another. As a current or former customer, share you experience here on our CIMA customer testimonials page to let others know about your positive experience.

Past CIMA customer testimonials are provided below for your convenience to peruse. Please note the title and company displayed on this page for each is based on the information at the time of service delivery, which may have changed since.

Lisa Picard @ F5 Networks

ISMS Program Manager

Timothy Phillips’ ISO expertise, training and communication style, and deep understanding of international, public and private sector information security practices, made him one of my all-time favorite trainers and information security service providers. The ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor courses he delivered were both outstanding. Timothy is a solid professional, easy to work with, and a great teacher. I joined the Information Security Leadership Forum he founded to compliment the professional development I gain from ISSA, CSA, and SWiCSIS.

Joe Von Gott, @ Contintential Corporation N.A.


I first met Timothy years ago in Seattle. He was teaching a series of information security classes I was attending. He was more than a teacher, he was able to make a personal connection with his students. Over the course of a few weeks, we become friends and have kept in contact ever since. Timothy has always made himself available to discuss almost any subject and has always had sound advice. He maintains his network and continues to be a thought leader in information security. I would highly recommend Timothy as a professional for his knowledge and experience. I would also recommend Timothy as an person and colleague anyone would enjoy working with.

Francis Blay, Phd. @ GEICO Insurance

Dir., Data Security

Timothy is the consummate professional. His depth of knowledge in the field of information security is very rare in the industry. When I was in a pinch to build internal capacity to support a large ISO 27001 implementation I knew I could count on him to come and train my staff which ultimately led to a 100% pass rate for the Certified ISO 27001 Lead implementer Exam. Not only is he an outstanding trainer, he is also a brilliant consulting talent that can help a company of any size develop their information security strategy. I highly recommend Timothy for any Information systems Security related engagement and I know he will excel and exceed expectations!

Jason Silva @ NCC Group

Regional Director, Consulting Services

I have known Timothy for several years and have taken two ISO 27001 certification courses with CIMA, Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor. Timothy has a wealth of experience in the risk management industry, both as a CISO and as an assessor. I was very impressed with Timothy’s experience in the security industry and the results from the class. When it came time to organize training for my team at NCC Group, Timothy was my first choice. The results speak for themselves with every one of my team members achieving certification and going on to perform ISO 27001 compliance assessments for clients all over the U.S.