Data Privacy and Information Security Management Training Services

Training Services Overview

Looking to expand your knowledge or develop information security skills to demonstrate competence for compliance purposes, or build a world class information security awareness and training program to meet ISO 27001, HIPAA, GLBA, Cyber Security Framework, ... compliance?

Let us guide you with our training services services. We take incremental steps to understand your needs and ensure your personal and organizational goals are achieved.

CIMA is the premier data privacy and security management training provider in North America.

Instructors are certified and experienced - customers tell us the single most important thing to them with regards to their training partner is that the trainer actually knows what they are talking about. More precisely, that they have real life experience implementing or auditing a standards or regulatory-based information security program. At CIMA, we only employ highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals in instructional roles. We know how important it is during the training process, for your  instructor to have the experience to answer your questions.

Certification Exam Support - the next most important thing customers tell us, is at the end of the training their training company is going to to be there to help them get through the certification exam. To help ensure your greatest chance for success, we offer everyone of our students if they do not successfully pass the certification exam on your first attempt, they can come back on another CIMA public offering of the same course for FREE to help prepare them to re-write the exam.

CIMA's exam pass promotion

1. To qualify, students must take the exam within seven (7) days of completing the course.
2. Access to a free course offering is only valid for another offering by CIMA of the same course the student originally took.
3. the student must retake the training with twelve (12) months from the date of their original course.
4. CIMA shall not be responsible for a student's unavailability for training dates set by CIMA on our public calendar, and CIMA will not be obligated to alter its training schedule to accommodate anyone under this offer
5. This offer has no redeemable cash value.

Accredited Training - All of the certification courses that we offer are accredited by the Information Security Leadership Forum.

Certified Instructors - As part of our screening process, every CIMA instructor must be certified in the course they will be teaching, and have sufficient real life experience to ensure value to our clients in the training process. Prior to receiving a teaching assignment, all of our instructors shadow an existing certified instructor during an actual course delivery, during which time their ability to deliver the content is evaluated. Our instructors must demonstrate that they are not only a subject matter expert, but can also convey the information in an insightful manner, offering real life examples helping to bring the training material to life for our students.