February 2, 2020


This course is offered live online. Online students will be able to enjoy the exact same interactive experience as those onsite, without the added travel expense. The live interactive experience includes being able to ask a questions of the instructor at any time during any module, participating in open classroom discussions with other onsite and online students, and participating in all practical exercises throughout the course and the practical exam on Friday.


1. CIMA uses ZOOM webinar technology to facilitate connecting online students with our onsite classroom. Students should ensure their computer system is compatible by testing their system at zoom.com prior to the first day of training. For information on system requirements for zoom.com please check here on Zoom’s website.

2. Notwithstanding Zoom’s system requirements, CIMA requires student to have an echo cancelling microphone and speakers, or echo cancelling headset. This is for the benefit of everyone onsite, online and yourself. You MUST ensure you have this and have tested it prior to day one of the training.

2. Student MUST have a web cam running 100% of the time during the training. Student who turn off their web cam, will be removed from the online classroom until the instructor receives notification that it has been turned back on.

3. Online students will be required to participate in both the practical and written exams.


1. Students are prohibited from recording any portion of this course, in any manner. Failure to comply with this is a violation of US and international copyright laws, and possible other civil or criminal offenses.

2. A list of mandatory requirements are provided above to ensure you have a great online training experience. Please be sure to review these requirements, and test everything prior to the first day of training. With consideration to all the other students in the class, our instructors cannot delay the commencement of any portion of the course while students troubleshoot their system, so we ask you to verify all requirements and test your system prior to the day of training.

To learn how to test your system, please click here for instructions on Zoom’s website.

To perform the test on your system, please click here for the “System Test” on Zoom’s website.

3. CIMA reserves the right to record any event for instructor monitoring, quality control, or for use in self-paced training. By registering for this course, you are consenting for such recording.

4. CIMA instructors do not provide end user support for zoom webinar software. If you are not familiar with zoom, please take some time pior to the day of training to become acquainted with zoom. Click here to access zoom tutorials on Zoom’s website.

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